Renewable Energy

Envisioning a sustainable future through liquid renewable heating fuels and other renewable thermal technologies


Since 2018, Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) has been committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the nation. Central to that commitment is ongoing research and development into traditional fuel sources like residential heating oil and technological advances in thermal heating.

DES believes in a balanced, forward-looking energy strategy. We are committed to the financial future of residential heating companies across the Northeast, with a focus on reducing the carbon intensity of fossil fuels.

There is much to be optimistic about in the future of renewable energy. In Massachusetts, the Department of Energy Resources has offered incentives for a broad range of thermal energy technologies through its Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard program. Massachusetts sees the value of renewable energy technologies in the heating and cooling sector that reduce greenhouse gas emissions today.

Many states in the Northeast are following suit and considering thermal portfolio standards, emissions standards, and cap-and-trade programs for the building industry. These types of programs can be complicated, but they provide an excellent opportunity for fossil fuel retailers to reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels they sell and increase their margins while doing so.

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DES’s focus on renewable energy

At DES, we want to help businesses embrace renewable energy technologies as a pathway to a better future for our children and our world. We also believe that market-driven incentives are the best way to spur innovation and support businesses that are part of the climate solution.

Our recent work involves the design of alternative and renewable portfolio standards, emissions standards, cap-and-trade programs, and assisting states in meeting their 2030 and 2050 greenhouse gas reduction goals. We provide guidance and insights on:

DES has expertise in renewable energy because it is our singular focus. Would you like the top minds in the industry working on your behalf?

Whether your company is already involved in distributing renewable energy technologies or wants to incorporate them into its business, please reach out to us to set up an appointment.

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“Our experience working with Diversified Energy Specialists has been extremely positive. Joe’s approach makes the process simple for us and his trading strategy delivers strong value each and every time our energy credits are minted. Any time that my team has a question or needs advice, Joe is up to the task immediately. I would recommend Diversified Energy Specialists to any company that is struggling to make the APS Program work for them.”

— Ted Noonan, President, Noonan Energy