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Governmental agencies, state associations, national environmental agencies, global corporations and local energy companies are all working toward a cleaner, more sustainable future. Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) has worked extensively with all these players. Our guidance and research have helped shape policy. We’ve presented findings and recommendations in nearly every state in the nation that has to deal with heating issues!

If your business or organization needs help navigating the transition to renewable energy, DES can provide consulting that accounts for changing laws, markets and science.

Whether you want to integrate biofuel into your heating oil product, need to register and sell clean energy or carbon offset credits, or just want insight into the emerging role of renewable energy in your industry, please reach out to us.

DES is the renewable energy consultant you’ve been looking for.

We guide you through the tough calls

Lawmakers across the United States are taking aggressive action to address the threat of climate change. The regulations enacted and the incentives created have seismic effects on the energy industry.

There are many risks for heating and cooling businesses in this ever-changing marketplace, but there is also a tremendous opportunity for growth. DES’s expertise provides your business with a strategic edge.

DES provides consulting services on a variety of environmental issues. If your company is trying to find its role in the nationwide push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we can offer insights and actionable recommendations.

We have extensive experience in renewable energy consulting

As everyone in the heating and cooling business knows, residential energy has shifted dramatically in recent years. This shift has involved the integration of biofuel into the national supply chain of heating fuels and the transition to other renewable thermal technologies. It also involves portfolio standards, emissions standards, and cap-and-trade programs that provide financial incentives for renewable thermal energy. Examples include the Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard and the emerging market for carbon offset credits.

DES has worked in these over-the-counter markets for years, monetizing renewable and alternative energy certificates for our clients. We provide guidance for strategic growth so that organizations can remain profitable, and even increase their profits, while promoting the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Our recent renewable energy consulting work has included:

We are experts in state portfolio standards, emissions standards, cap-and-trade programs, low-carbon-fuel standards, biofuels and other renewable thermal technologies. Our goal is to integrate cleaner fuels across the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a brighter future for the next generation.

In short, DES offers top-tier renewable energy consulting for the thermal sector, because this is our specialty.

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“Our experience working with Diversified Energy Specialists has been extremely positive. Joe’s approach makes the process simple for us and his trading strategy delivers strong value each and every time our energy credits are minted. Any time that my team has a question or needs advice, Joe is up to the task immediately. I would recommend Diversified Energy Specialists to any company that is struggling to make the APS Program work for them.”

— Ted Noonan, President, Noonan Energy