Clean Heat Standard

A Massachusetts & Vermont CHS presents challenges and opportunities — and DES can help you prepare

clean heat standards

On November 30, 2022, the Massachusetts Commission on Clean Heat recommended the implementation of a Clean Heat Standard (CHS) in the commonwealth. In April 2023, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection released a “straw proposal” outlining the design of the CHS. A Massachusetts CHS will represent the most significant change to Northeastern energy markets in many years — one that is likely to reverberate through other states in the region.

Massachusetts heating fuel distributors undoubtedly face challenges in the CHS marketplace. However, there are also tremendous opportunities for businesses that prepare for its implementation. Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) can put you in the best possible position to maximize your profits in the CHS market.

The Vermont Clean Heat Standard was passed by the Vermont House and Senate in early 2023. In the summer of 2023, the legislature will vote to override the expected veto by the governor. If implemented, the Vermont CHS will disrupt Vermont energy markets in the years to come.

Diversified Energy Specialists is the most trusted CHS advisor

Just as DES is the most knowledgeable, forward-looking and profit-generating aggregator of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS), we are also the primary authority on the Massachusetts and Vermont CHS.

President Joe Uglietto has testified to New England legislatures on CHS programs. He has presented extensively at industry conferences. And DES has its finger on the pulse of CHS-related activity in Massachusetts, Vermont and beyond.

In short, Diversified Energy Specialists is the only retail energy consultant with insights and strategies specifically geared toward your success in the CHS marketplace. We have the tools to put you in an advantageous position for the regulatory environment to come.

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Let’s work together to prepare for the “new normal” of the Massachusetts and Vermont CHS

clean heat standards

While Massachusetts and Vermont move at full speed to implement a CHS that will affect all heating fuel providers, your company needs to get ready for the “new normal.” Here’s what you can expect from the CHS market:

Of course, there are many unknown factors you need to account for, including:

You owe it to yourself to begin planning for the CHS now. And DES is here to help. We will enable you to develop an action plan tailored to your specific business, with milestones that put you in a prime position when the CHS goes into effect.

Let’s start our conversation today. Get in touch with Diversified Energy Specialists for customized, actionable insights on the Clean Heat Standard.

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