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Helping organizations buy and sell confidently in a developing marketplace

carbon offsets

Whether you are a company generating certified carbon offsets to sell or a corporation in the market to buy, Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) has the knowledge, experience and relationships to protect your interests.

Many businesses fear entering the “Wild West” of the immature carbon offset market. That’s understandable. Several prominent companies have found themselves at the center of negative press because they didn’t do their homework before buying offsets. Other companies cannot break even when selling carbon offsets, because they trade on small-volume exchanges.

Contact DES today, and together we can develop a road map to profitability and help your company achieve carbon neutrality without the risk of negative press.

What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset is any reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that can counteract emissions somewhere else. One carbon offset is the equivalent of one metric ton of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere or not being generated at all. Methods can include:

Of course, these are just a few examples.

Governments and independent certification bodies issue transferable instruments called carbon offset credits that can be traded in the over-the-counter markets or on regulated exchanges.

Other entities purchase these credits to offset their own greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality. This provides a relatively simple, market-driven way for sustainable practices to thrive and for large companies to reduce their carbon footprint without disrupting operations.

At least, this marketplace is supposed to be simple and nondisruptive.

Unfortunately, the trading of carbon offsets is rife with uncertainty in its emerging market. That’s where DES comes in—we represent both buyers and sellers to clarify and streamline the process.

We offer peace of mind for corporations seeking to achieve carbon neutrality

For corporations looking to demonstrate a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, purchasing carbon offsets is an excellent option. But what happens when your company purchases offsets that are not certified?

carbon offsets

Recently, prominent corporations including JPMorgan, Walt Disney, Chevrolet and BlackRock found themselves the subject of terrible headlines after purchasing fraudulent carbon offsets from a large environmental group. Any public goodwill these companies enjoyed immediately disappeared, not to mention that they took a financial hit.

At DES, we have the industry experience and relationships required to validate carbon offsets, so you do not have to worry. No surprises, no bad press.

Additionally, we work with trusted, professional carbon offset generators to establish an ongoing relationship, so you don’t have to constantly return to the open market. We engage the certified produces and purchase their offsets in multiyear strips, ensuring certified offsets for your corporation for years.

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing carbon offsets but have been worried about the uncertainty of an emerging market, contact us today!

We help sellers achieve certification and enter into long-term contracts, providing price certainty

Achieving certification for carbon offsets is a complex and constantly changing process. Let DES handle the paperwork and red tape while you focus on keeping your business green and productive.

We will get you through the verification and certification process quickly and cleanly, then market and sell your credits to established organizations. You won’t be bogged down with small-scale, low-yield transactions. Our goal is to sell your carbon offsets to trusted buyers in a multiyear contract.

Because DES has so much experience in renewable energy markets, we understand that the high barriers to entry can be daunting. You don’t need to worry with us!

Our exacting, data-driven analysis calculates what you will earn in the marketplace and builds that into a model for your carbon-reduction strategy. You will know your potential return on investment point even before you leave our office!

DES provides an analysis of your carbon offset objectives and strategy. You will be amazed at the growth potential!

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“We’ve worked with Diversified Energy Specialists since the inception of the Massachusetts APS program and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Joe’s excellent understanding of the program and superb administrative support makes the process very easy for us. He has consistently secured strong returns on our energy credits, and he’s a heck of a good guy on top of it all.”

— Jim Townsend, President & CEO, Townsend Energy