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A full-spectrum renewable energy partner you can trust

Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) advises and represents a wide range of organizations in the renewable energy space. We have the experience, skill, dedication and industry relationships to maximize your profits and ensure peace of mind in a developing marketplace.

DES offers clients a variety of services to help them navigate whichever renewable energy spheres they want to enter. These services include:

The Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard

In Massachusetts — and in more states to come — government agencies offer incentives for the distribution of renewable thermal technologies like biofuels and ground-source heat pumps. DES is an aggregation of these renewable thermal technologies and represents sellers in the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard program, guaranteeing zero risk and maximum value for your Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs). We handle the application, compliance, marketing, and sales of your AECs; you cash the check! Learn more about our APS services.


Massachusetts & Vermont Clean Heat Standards

Massachusetts is implementing a Clean Heat Standard (CHS), which all heating fuel companies will be required to participate in. Vermont is also in the legislative process of passing a Clean Heat Standard. The CHS will be the most consequential change to Northeastern energy markets in many years. Heating fuel companies will be required to reduce the carbon intensity of their fuels or purchase credits to meet compliance in this market-based program. Businesses that prepare for the “new normal” have opportunities to thrive. No renewable energy consultant has a deeper CHS knowledge base than DES. Let us work with you to create an action plan and get ahead of the curve. Learn more about our CHS services.

clean heat standards

Renewable Energy Consulting

For years, DES has been at the cutting edge of renewable energy markets. We’ve advised state agencies, stakeholder organizations and countless businesses. Our insights are known and trusted across the United States. If you’re looking for a partner to help you navigate the renewable energy sector and clean energy transition, DES has you covered. Learn more about our renewable energy consulting services.


Carbon Offset Credits

The market for carbon offset credits provides an excellent opportunity for both buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, this developing marketplace can be complex and opaque. Many established companies find themselves at the center of negative publicity because they did not correctly validate the credits they bought. Many sellers leave money on the table because they lack industry connections. DES provides both buyers and sellers the confidence they need in this emerging market. Learn more about how we can help your corporation in the carbon offset market.

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You can count on the experts at Diversified Energy Specialists to guide you through the evolving renewable energy markets and guarantee you the maximum return for your renewable energy investments.

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“Working with Joe at Diversified Energy Specialists has been nothing short of a blessing. Reporting figures to the Massachusetts APS program can often be a daunting task, but Joe makes the process painless. He consistently delivers strong return on our credits and as an added bonus, he’s a super nice guy!”

— Christopher Chase, President, PayLessforOil.com