Renewable Energy Insights Column

Building Performance Standards – A Threat by Another Name – July/August

Posted: July 12, 2023

Author: Joe Uglietto Our industry has to deal with enormous threats to its existence each and every day. Many of us have gotten used to the usual suspects…state legislatures considering electrification mandates, clean heat standards that …

Forewarned is Forearmed: Preparing for the Future Regulatory Environment – May/June

Posted: July 12, 2023

Author: Joe Uglietto The energy industry is undergoing an enormous transition and the number of states that are considering regulatory programs to achieve their carbon-reduction targets is growing by the week. Over the next few years, …

The State of Electrification in 2023 – March/April

Posted: March 1, 2023

Author: Joe Uglietto “Electrify Everything” is gaining ground at the federal level and in many Northeast states. Heat pump incentives, clean energy tax credits and legislation to ban fossil fuels are all on the table in …