The Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard

Is your business getting the highest value in the market for its Alternative Energy Certificates?


If your Massachusetts business delivers biofuel or installs air- or ground-source heat pumps, you are eligible to receive incentives through the Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS). To maximize your profits in the APS marketplace, you need an aggregator who has the dedication, attention, and industry knowledge to secure the highest price for your Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs).

Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) offers gold-standard service that prioritizes your company’s needs and objectives. We provide no-risk comprehensive guidance to sellers in the APS market, yielding the highest returns in the program.

What is the Massachusetts APS?

Implemented in 2009, the Massachusetts APS program requires a certain percentage of the state’s energy to come from alternative energy sources, including:

The APS creates a marketplace in which retailers and installers selling renewable thermal technologies can monetize their AECs. Retail electricity suppliers must buy AECs for a percentage of the electricity they sell within the state. The APS program provides an opportunity for biofuel distributors and renewable thermal energy installers to improve their profit margins significantly.

Holding your APS aggregator accountable

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) requires biofuels distributors to use aggregations, like Diversified Energy Specialists (DES), to sell their AECs. DES also manages the often confusing bureaucratic work that comes with participating in the APS program. This includes:

Not all aggregations are the same. Contract terms vary, from the length of your commitment to the fees charged for an aggreation’s services.

Unfortunately, many aggregations in the APS market are focused on other business ventures. They view trading in the APS as an additional service offering and fail to devote their time to the market analysis that your company deserves. Some aggregations sell APS-eligible fuels and technologies, creating a conflict of interest in the APS market, which results in your company not receiving the price you deserve.


We have spoken to many local heating oil distributors and other APS generators who learn that they are leaving money on the table with other aggregators.

If your company uses an aggregator besides DES, you may not be receiving the best value in the market for your AECs. Contact us for a quick, complimentary analysis of your APS portfolio.

The DES difference

Why would you entrust the monetization of your AECs to an aggregator that doesn’t specialize in the marketplace?

We have strong relationships with the largest buyers in the market, a high volume of credits sold, and the capital to take calculated risks that guarantee that the businesses we work with receive the highest value in the market. Other aggregations don’t have risk tolerance, relationships or market foresight to ensure that you receive the highest return on investment in the APS.

In 2022, DES clients received approximately two times higher prices than other aggregators secured for their clients in the same period. Our success in the environmental markets reflects our data-driven, client-first philosophy.

The APS market is volatile, with prices changing daily. You need an aggregation that is active in the market and that has the ability to stay on top of your returns.

Regulatory changes occur every few years. DES keeps up with these changes, so you don’t need to. We will always represent our clients’ best interest in the regulatory process and position your business to receive the highest value in the market for your AECs. The only paperwork you handle is a check from us!

We want the opportunity to show you the additional value you could be earning in the APS market. DES provides a free 10-minute analysis of your AECs. You will be amazed at the potential for growth!

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“Diversified Energy Specialists has made participation in the APS program a home run for our company. They seamlessly handle the process from applications through selling our AECs. Any APS dealer would benefit from DES’s expertise!”

— Ed Scott, General Manager, Scott Energy