Maximizing Your Profits in the Renewable Energy Markets

Massachusetts’ Commission on Clean Heat has recommended a Clean Heat Standard. This will have seismic effects on the heating fuel industry. We can help you prepare.

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The Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) Difference

Our clients-first approach promises zero risk and the highest return in the market for your credits

Diversified Energy Specialists understands the marketplace for the Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. We consistently deliver greater value than our competition, and our trading strategy allows you to know your break-even point before you buy a single drop of biofuel.

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The environmental markets are our singular focus

Renewable markets are not just “something we do.” We ensure that our clients benefit from state incentives for biofuels and other renewable thermal energy technologies. Because our market adheres to the Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS), our clients consistently receive the highest possible returns.

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Clean Heat Standards

We give you an edge in the new regulatory environment

The Clean Heat Standards in Massachusetts and Vermont will transform energy markets in the Northeast. Heating fuel distributors face many challenges — but also opportunities. DES can help you start preparing for the CHS today.

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Our guidance and insights have shaped policy

Governmental agencies, environmental groups, trade associations, private businesses — we’ve worked with all of them. Now we can bring that expertise to you. Experience the difference of having renewable energy experts in your corner.

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